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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Iran Nuke Deal Throws Spotlight On Israeli Nukes

There was something quite embarrassing about the way Obama had to idiot-proof the reasons for making peace. This was undoubtedly the President's 'finest hour' as he articulated the many benefits of an agreement that for most, American Jewry included, is a no brainer. During the speech the tension was mainly because of how laboriously Obama had to spell out it's benefits. When one thinks that this was largely to appease Bibi and his AIPAC hawks it cast a bad light on Israel. Bibi has cried wolfone too many times one suspects and only the congressman and senators that are obsequious to AIPAC are likely to back him. The geopolitics clearly dictates that this is a great deal for Israel. If truth be told Turkey and Pakistan are far greater existential threats to Israel as they have a much more extreme muslim populations, and they are also far more advanced, both in their respective conventional and nuclear military capacities. The very spectacle of an American President having to cower in his words was unedifying and a long term threat to the relationship that ultimately secures Israel. Whilst the American public are still pro-Israel that can change rapidly and it is incidences such as this that can create the mood change. Furthermore every time Obama mentioned the international obligations Iran have agreed to abide by it highlighted the very same treaties Israel has side stepped to obtain it's own nuclear arsenal. This is bad politics. As Bibi's fanatical stance on settlers continues the international community has begun to side with Palestine. This weak saw Jewish terrorists burn an Arab Baby to death, kill a gay pride teenager and boast about plans to burn down churches in the Lehava case. No one can dispute that Bibi's belligerence has incubated this environment. The Iranian negotiator, Zarif, pointed out that biblically Persia/Iran is the only country to have save Israel three times in history. There is ironically biblical validity in that claim but there are two things Iran does not have the capability to do; firstly destroy Israel, and secondly save Israel- from itself.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Bibi's Surprise Win

Having marginally trailed right up to election day against the Zionist
Union, Bibi had become increasingly desperate. Although he has
always practised the policy of procrastination and war to avoid any
kind of settlement with the Palestinians he now took to openly
declaring it as a campaign promise. Palestinians responded with a
degree of despairing honesty by declaring that at least they don't
have to keep up the pretence of engaging in a road map which no
longer exists.
 Binyamin Netanyahu has been a catastrophe for Us-Israeli relations. Not least by cocking a snoot at the Us President he has publicly exposed the almighty power of the Jewish lobby on the whole architecture of american political life. This is not in keeping with the traditional way Israeli politicians have exerted their influence. It exposes Israel to more public scrutiny. Israel can ill afford this scrutiny which is increasingly dividing support among broader Jewish communities and the American electorate at large.
 His ill judged intervention in the Iran Nuclear talks which would be a long term strategic coup for both the Americans and Israel is also a concern but ironically his personal unpopularity will probably make some agreement more likely.

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Israel wants to reserve the right to start WW3

 Unfortunately while US generals are espousing the insanity of an Israeli strike on Iran, Bibi is only looking forward to the US presidential election period when no presidential challenger or incumbent wants to be seen as weak on foreign policy. It is also becoming increasingly clear to military analysts that Israel cannot carry out this mission alone. This does not bode well for Iran's client Hezbollah who are likely to bear the brunt of a proxy war. This would be a cowardly act but a much more palatable option for the war hungry Knesset. Israel has failed to learn from its last disastrous foray into the region. It should be aware that despite all their hype using AIPAC and their media cronies on Fox News the greatest threat to the dysfunctional apartheid is the ubiquity of Al-Jazeera, RT and other critical outlets with mass audiences not just in the middle east but across the world.
   Iran's new alliance with Pakistan and Afghanistan as symbolised by Ahmadinejad's
recent 3 party meeting's also signal a greater solidarity between the regional military
powers. Furthermore,Turkey has broken free from it's shackles of European aspiration
and will no stand idly by as their population see the injustice in Gaza as a source of
humiliation for the Muslim world. America should be a greater friend to Israel by
highlighting it's flaws rather than just being it's banker.
 There is increasing scepticism about Israel's unchallenged assertions that they have 300 nuclear warheads.Their policy of nuclear ambiguity has been shattered and is coming under closer analysis given the rising influence of Russia and China. These two superstates have shown with their veto against syrian action that they will not follow America's Israeli led march to war. There is also an increasing hate for the personality of Benjamin Netanyahu as was shown by the exchange between Sarkozy and Obama caught on tape when they though they were off-mic. Our prayer is that his diplomatic failures so hated by President Clinton, do not lead civilisation to war.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Why Israel Won't Attack Iran

Iran, Netanayhu's endless hobby horse. For Bibi Its been a personal obsession that has clouded his judgement for far too long. Firstly Netanyahu has been warning of Iran's capacity to acquire nuclear weapons ' within the next 2-3 years ' for the last 20 years. So the current ratcheting of rhetoric is no surprise in light of the soon to be released IAEA report. When Israel has attacked it's neighbour's nuclear facilities (Iraq's in 1982) it has never preannounced it to the world. To do so would be a military mistake matched only by the disastrous Gaza massacre of 2009 which was televised round the clock to over a billion muslims. Any attack on Iran would not be sanctioned by the US intelligence community who have gone out of their way to tame by making public the nature of Israel's exaggerated claims. An attack on Iran would send the price of oil and gas rocketing and tip the already shaky world economy into depression. Military analysis of a conventional airstrike on Iran's nuclear facilities by computer simulation have shown that they are likely to be ineffective however there is a risk of radiation which could affect Saudi Arabia and Israel itself. The political situation in Syria and Iran do not lend themselves to a foreign power emboldening the incumbents Ahmadinejad and Assad. These protaganists would see a declaration of war as a welcome exit strategy from their domestic woes. Furthermore the Arab Spring has made the position of other muslim countries in the region less predictable. Rulers in countries such as Pakistan and Turkey can no longer afford to ignore the will of their people. The latter point is made more pertinent by the Iraq debacle and the now famous concoction of proof for WMD's. The rise of a resource hungry China and the resultant decline of America's status as the world's only superpower means that Israel no longer has the carte blanche it once did to act with petulant impunity. Furthermore Iran has the capacity to strike back with their investment in rocket technology. Though they are no match for Israel's military might, their allies in south Lebanon and Syria have given them a geo-political bargaining chip. Their is also no evidence of support for a strike from the increasing divided jewish lobby outside Israel. Israel has derived it's might from domination of the US political system which ensures that it receives close to $6 billion in aid from the USA. While a politically savvy African-American president knows better than to cross the israel lobby he will also be mindful that there is growing unease at the amount of foreign aid being doled out abroad when money is tight at home. There are also increasing grassroot movements that are voicing concerns about special interests and how the tiny state of israel manages to receive more in foreign aid than the entire poverty stricken continent of Africa. Ultimately Israel is no more likely to attack Iran than vice-versa. Why? Because these two counries need eachother. The ability to attack Israel for Iran is their best defense against a superpower from making a predatory move on it's resource rich state and for Israel 'the imminent threat' ensures the lucrative $ 6billion dollar every year of foreign aid. Ehud Barak recently mentioned in an interview with the BBC that they don't get to choose their neighbours if they did they would choose Canada. The irony being is that they did choose their neighbours in 1948 and financially the constant antagonism serves them all too well.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Why this stupidity?

It's difficult to gauge what was going through the mind's of the Israeli high command when they gave the order to storm a Turkish peace vessel bound for Gaza. Firstly Turkey is not a little country that Israel can afford to slap around in the international arena. Israel has lost it's most powerful ally in the middle east and possibly has turned it into an enemy. The Turks are a proud nation and increasingly democratic. If the Ak Party does not take strong action the Turkish population will force their hand.
Turkey has taken the unprecedented step of calling the raid in international waters 'state sponsored terrorism'. This has not only increased their standing in the Middle East but has complicated America's position as an ally of both countries. So what was Netanyahu thinking? Perhaps he was wanting to divert attention from the recent allegations that Israeli soldiers have been subjecting Palestinian minors to sexual abuse. Or the other recent allegation that Israel supplied the apartheid regime of South Africa with nuclear technology. Another theory is that for Netanyahu to survive politically it needs an antagonist such as Hamas to justify America giving $3 billion annually as foreign aid to Israel. The timing, a day before a meeting with President Obama and given Hamas's waning popularity of late seems to me at least to be a pitch for increase aid. Netanyahu is almost blackmailing the American administration by showing how easily it can bring the region to the brink of war. In this respect it is very similar to the policies of North Korea and it's calculated sinking of a South Korean vessel. Whatever the calculation, bartering for concessions with violence is a dangerous recipe for war.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

How Many Mossad agents does it take topple a Government?

Apparently just over eighteen. It seems Netanyahu is back to his old tricks conjuring up once again the throwback political strategies of the seventies. As if the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza streamed live to a global audience wasn't enough
to enrage the world it seems the decision makers in the Israeli government are determined to push the envelope. This is not chutzpah it's just shear stupidity and a fundamental failure to realize that the modern age requires new politics. whichever way you try to look at it this disastrous assassination attempt, coupled with the Gaza massacre, have doubtless jeopardized Israel's future. Why? Because times have changed. For every Israeli advocate there are many more that would argue against their disdain for international law not merely from entrenched partisan positions but because their actions are so morally reprehensible. Given an increasingly educated and angry Muslim demographic (this includes powerful states such as Turkey and Pakistan) Israel can no longer rely on American largess to clean up their dirty work.
Any future Israeli PM must have Rabin's vision to understand that peace is not just desirable but vital for Israel to survive. This anachronistic obfuscation of the peace process cannot continue in an age where information is viral and emotive
videos are infectious. The reason why Netanyahu and his predictable policies belong in the past is that stupidity is never ambiguous- It's just stupid.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Netanyahu becomes PM on the back of Livni's butchery

One wonders what the Israeli electorate were thinking after Kadima a supposed centrist party committed one of the most brutal genocides this century, they have chosen a Prime Minister who believes that Livni did not go far enough. Drunk on the power of getting away with the murder of innocent civilians in what has rightly been dubbed the world's largest open air prison we are left with a very right wing government. Whereas in the past comparisons with the Warsaw ghettos strayed into the realm of hyperbole they now don't do justice to the horrific situation on the ground in Gaza. Helped again by the Israel Lobby this gross violation of human rights raised very few eyebrows in congress and was redacted from the American narrative of history courtesy of the lack of coverage by the American media networks. Netanyahu is one of the few politicians who doesn't believe in a two state solution. Netanyahu having already failed to address the possible 'Iranian threat' when he was in power ten years ago feels that the time is right to return to this old hobby horse. The reality is that Iran has most likely past the threshold of being able to destroy Israel through biological and chemical means if not through nuclear means. As a christian it deeply concerns me that the holy land has fallen into such unholy hands. As Christians we must take some of the blame . The Zionist Lobby within the Christian networks is now preaching the false
gospel of dispensationalism and denying the fact that Our Lord crucified the racial element when he died on the cross. This has led to many Christians being deceived and horrendous policies which sees up to $3billion dollars being transferred to Israel
on an annual basis from the US. This money of course is accompanied with 22 billion dollars worth
of loan guarantees even in these times of financial austerity. This money could be used to foster peace or help prevent the deaths of 30,000 Africans dying everyday from preventable diseases. To make matters worse Netanyahu has chosen the uber-right wing Avigdor Lieberman as his foreign minister. As is the tradition that most Israeli ministers are mired by scandal, Lieberman has been quick off the mark even by Israeli standards. one can only pray that this apartheid government collapses under its own weight of gross inequality and we return to the sanity and desire for middle east peace.